What We Want

We’re multi-issue because we have to be: all of these are urgent opportunities! But you certainly don’t have to agree on all these issues to participate in Always Forward. We get that everywhere is different. We respect those differences, but we also need our representatives everywhere to be clear and let us know where they stand. If you want to see how we’re doing so far, check out The Grid.

This is very much a work in progress! As we gather momentum, we’ll get experts and more groups involved in this and go into far more detail. But the objective will always be giving citizens clear information for productive, informative meetings with their representatives.

Protect the Safety Net

Shredding the safety job while job insecurity is increasing bigly for most Americans is not a good move.

Stuff we're for: Public option, Medicare for All, expanding Social Security, protecting SS by removing the tax cap
Stuff we're against: Repealing Obamacare, cutting Social Security

Fair Economics

We are really damn tired of being trickled down on.

Stuff we're for: Anything that democratizes capitalism (labor rights, employee ownership, co-ops, accounting transparency etc), planning and building housing/transit/cities, infrastructure spending, basic income
Stuff we're against: Trickle down, inequality, tax giveways for tech companies

Climate and Environment

Climate change is not a hoax. Really.

Stuff we're for: Big investments in renewable energy and research, pricing carbon
Stuff we're against: Lying to coal miners about their jobs coming back, drill baby drill

Foreign policy

We're against re-starting the cold war and the US becoming a petro-kleptocracy.

Stuff we're for: Diplomacy.
Stuff we're against: Reneging on the Iran deal, and nukes. Seriously. We are really against nukes. Like, a lot against


Migration is beautiful. Demilitarize the border. Solve root causes that create dislocation, like violence and unfair trade.

Stuff we're for: solving root causes
Stuff we're against: border militarization, bans on religions, registries

Civil Rights and Peaceful Communities

We believe Black Lives Matter.

Stuff we're for: Demilitarization, drug legalization
Stuff we're against: National stop and frisk

Gun Safety

We haven't forgotten Newtown.

Stuff we're for: A well regulated militia, responsible gun ownership policies including insurance and taxes
Stuff we're against: open carry, the NRA’s guns-everywhere extremism

Education and Research

The foundation of a person-oriented, not thing-oriented, society.

Stuff we're for: increased funding

Restoring Democracy

Ending voter suppression, gerrymandering and the Electoral College.

Stuff we're for: restoring the VRA, popular vote, fixing gerrymandering

Reproductive Freedom

Stuff we're for: Ending the Hyde amendment
Stuff we're against: Cutting Planned Parenthood funding

Children and Families

Stuff we're for: Shorter work hours, paid family leave, strong teacher’s unions, public shools


Stuff we're against: Foreign interference in elections, eroding online personal privacy