Senator Dean Heller

United States Senate NV

Next Election: 2018

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OpposeTrump starstarstar star_border
OpposeTrumpNoms star star_borderstar_borderstar_border
SaveObamacare star_borderstar_borderstar_borderstar_border
PublicOption unknown
AffordableDrugs unknown
ProtectDreamers unknown
PoliceAccountability unknown
BasicEconomics unknown
GunSafety unknown
Climate unknown
ProtectSS unknown
MoneyPolitics unknown
ForiegnPolicy unknown
FamilyIssues unknown
ReproFreedom unknown
Ethics unknown
OpposeMuslimBan unknown


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3 stars

"Heller has been skeptical of Trump in the past and back in May, Senator Heller was the first Nevada lawmaker to publically and strongly denounce Trump's comments about Hispanics, women and Arizona Senator John McCain during the primary election cycle." “I vehemently oppose our nominee and some of the comments and issues he brought up during the campaign,” Heller said during an interview with Nevada reporters one day after Ted Cruz suspended his campaign and hours before John Kasich did the same. “Things that he’s said about women and the Hispanic community across the West.” "Let's be very, very clear, I do not support Trump," Heller is shown saying.


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1 stars

When Mnuchin could not answer how many homeowners OneWest provided assistance to following the crisis, Heller interjected. "Here's the reason why I ask these three questions over again, is that this is the seventh time I've asked," Heller said. He continued: "I asked you when you were in my office, and I had my staff to follow up on it, three times by text, and twice by phone. And we still can't get the answer to these questions. And I'm not quite sure with two weeks — well, your own comments were that you guys had responded to 5,000 pages. Five thousand pages of questions asked. Why were these three questions not asked if there were 5,000 pages that you answered?"


0 stars

voted for Senate Vote 26 - Adopts Budget Resolution To Repeal Obamacare


5 stars

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