Senator Cory Gardner

United States Senate CO

Next Election: 2020

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    Pueblo 503 N. Main St., Ste. 426 Pueblo, CO 81003 P: (719) 543-1324 F: (202) 228-7174
    Denver 1125 17th St., Ste. 525 Denver, CO 80202 P: (303) 391-5777 F: (202) 228-7171
    Grand Junction 400 Rood Ave., Federal Bldg., Ste. 220 Grand Junction, CO 81501 P: (970) 245-9553 F: (202) 228-7173
    Durango 329 S.Camino Del Rio Suite. #1 Durango, CO 81303 P: (970) 259-1231 F: (970) 259-4276
    Greeley 801 8th St., Ste. 140A Greeley, CO 80631 P: (970) 352-5546 F: (202) 228-7172
    Yuma 529 N. Albany St., Ste. 1220 Yuma, CO 80759 P: (970) 848-3095 F: (202) 228-7175
    Colorado Springs 102 S. Tejon St., Ste. 930 Colorado Springs, CO 80903 P: (719) 632-6706 F: (202) 228-7176
    Fort Collins 2001 S. Shields St., Building H, Ste. 104 Fort Collins, CO 80526 P: (970) 484-3502
    Washington, D.C. 354 Russell Senate Office Building Washington, DC 20510 P: (202) 224-5941 F: (202) 224-6524

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Overall Agenda Score - Coming Soon

issue score
OpposeTrump starstarstarstar
OpposeTrumpNoms star_borderstar_borderstar_borderstar_border
OpposeMuslimBan starstarstar star_border
SaveObamacare unknown
PublicOption unknown
ProtectDreamers unknown
PoliceAccountability unknown
BasicEconomics unknown
GunSafety unknown
Climate unknown
ProtectSS unknown
MoneyPolitics unknown
ForiegnPolicy unknown
FamilyIssues unknown
ReproFreedom unknown
Ethics unknown


4 stars

“I will not vote for Donald Trump. If Donald Trump wishes to defeat Hillary Clinton, he should do the only thing that will allow us to do so — step aside, and allow Mike Pence to be the Republican party’s nominee. If he fails to do so, I will not vote for Hillary Clinton but will instead write-in my vote for Mike Pence.”


0 stars

“Betsy DeVos is a strong choice”, "Speaking on Fox News, Gardner said he was impressed by how Tillerson faced questions for so long without notes, a briefing book, or “without a pen and paper to write questions down or ideas down or cheat sheets down,” and instead “did it all from his experience and understanding of the world.”"


starstarstar star_border
3 stars

“While I am supportive of strengthening our screening processes and securing our borders, a blanket travel ban goes too far,” Gardner said in a statement. “I also believe that lawful residents of the United States should be permitted to enter the country. I urge the administration to take the appropriate steps to fix this overly broad executive order.”

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