Rep. Nancy Pelosi

United States Congress CA District 12

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OpposeTrump starstarstarstar
SaveObamacare starstarstarstar
ProtectDreamers starstarstarstar
PoliceAccountability starstarstarstar
BasicEconomics starstar star_borderstar_border
GunSafety starstarstarstar
Climate starstarstarstar
MoneyPolitics starstar star_borderstar_border
ForiegnPolicy starstar star_borderstar_border
FamilyIssues starstarstarstar
ReproFreedom starstarstarstar


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2 stars

From 2011... "In a statement that is shocking many pundits, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) warned the country, “It is clear we must enter an era of austerity; to reduce the deficit through shared sacrifice.”"


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2 stars

In response to a recent report by the Pentagon that a ground invasion would be the only way to eliminate North Korea’s nuclear capabilities, 15 Democratic members of Congress have spoken out against the idea of a military conflict — but one top Democrat says it could be a possibility. When asked about her support for a ground invasion on CNN’s State of the Union Sunday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said she would be open to it as a last resort.

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