Welcome to Watercoooler Politics, a project of Always Forward and Organize for Justice

Read more, or see the Congress or Senate issue tracking grids.

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We’re a quickly-growing national group of ordinary citizens that are newly concerned about the direction of our country. We’re starting out by doing some research into where our Congressional Representatives of both parties stand on a set of issues we’re concerned about.

We’re still hammering out what the plan is beyond that, and we need your help in coming up with creative and effective ideas! Here’s what we have in mind so far:

  1. Transparently researching issues, candidates and ideas, and making that research easy for citizens to use
  2. Creating bipartisan groups of people to meet with our representatives and their staff
  3. Supporting candidates that agree with our issues – and vigorously opposing ones who don’t – including down ticket races
  4. Growing an ever broader movement, including more people, communities and groups, utilizing ever more creative tactics

All we know is that time is of the essence, because the attacks on issues we care about are already starting. If you haven’t, read the Indivisible Guide. For the rest of the plan see our about page, or see The Congress Grid and The Senate Grid for what we’ve found so far. The page for Rep Mast (FL-18) is a good example of how this is going to work as we ramp up.

This is a pre-release version of the site. Feel free to sign up and share it, but there are definitely a few rough edges!

It's Going to Take All of Us

We’re looking for people to lead or get involved with local groups, starting immediately. Anyone in a local group can also start pitching in on the research or technology side. But the local groups and meetings are our top priority.

Signing up as a local group member is the easiest and most effective thing you can do. Getting more involved is incredibly rewarding, and we’re going to do everything we can to make deepening your involvement as easy as possible. But if you have kids, or are working multiple jobs, or maybe you just don’t like meetings, sign up anyway. We understand, and we are going to find ways for you to be effective too!

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What We Want

You can read about the positive agenda we’re fighting for and see how we’re doing.